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A professional service offer based on the widest choice of contents dedicated to the learning of Ethical Hacking.
"The fast, easy, and affordable way to train your hacking skills."

Why Root-Me is Different ?



For more than 10 years, the foundation has brought together on its online platform players from all over the world who actively contribute to the community.



Hundreds of challenges are available to train yourself in different and not simulated environments, offering you a way to learn a lot of hacking technics !



Dozens of virtual environments are available, accessible with a few clicks, to give you a realistic learning environment, without any limitation.



Each challenge is associated with a multitude of solutions, related resources allowing you to learn and to see the way followed by other users to solve challenges

What Players say...

"I was awarded a $5,000 bounty on @Hacker0x01! Thanks to @adrien_jeanneau for his advice, to @rootme_org for the training."



"@rootme_org provides ssh access to remote systems where you exploit those binaries directly."



"Unique opportunity for those aiming to be number 1 on @rootme_org : Blackndoor ( has joined Synacktiv and we'll keep him busy full time. Go back to your challenges."



Get our Professional Services

Our offers are dedicated to Companies and Educational professionals (schools, universities, etc.).

Train & Supervise your teams

Unlimited premium access

Give your employees or students unlimited and unrestricted access to all the challenges and labs offered on Root-Me.

Pedagogical monitoring

From your Supervisor interface, you can follow the progress of your Players in the different categories of Challenges offered to them.

Challenge your teams

Jeopardy CTF

Jeopardy CTF is a great classic, allowing you to confront your teams on different categories of challenges

Attack - Defense CTF

This type of CTF involves two teams of players, each consisting of attackers (red team) and defenders (blue team) who compete against each other on interconnected infrastructures.

Custom Cybersecurity Event

Our experts can assist you to design and organize a customized cyber security event (hackaton, games, etc.).

Complete your cybersecurity teams

Publish your offers and announces

We share your job, internship and training offers with the Root-Me community (more than 200,000 members).

Find your Talent

We select for you the players looking for a job or training that match your needs and expectations.

Join Root-Me as an official Sponsor

Increase your visibility

With nearly 500,000 visits per month, Root-Me allows you to gain visibility with one of the largest community of cyber security experts.

Contribute to the development of the community

By becoming a sponsor, you can participate in the events organized by Root-Me and Root-Me Pro and increase your notoriety among cyber security experts.

They already trust Root-Me


Video from one our last CTF : IPIkathon

Organized by Root-Me Pro

Frequently Asked Questions

With more than 10 years of existence and a community of nearly 300,000 players today, Root-Me was lacking a version that responded to the many requests from schools and businesses. Thus, after nearly 2 years of conception and development, we released in early 2020 a new platform with a complete offer exclusively dedicated to professionals: Root-Me Pro.

This offer aims in particular to respond to the various issues and constraints encountered by professionals in the field of cybersecurity. How can I effectively train my employees in the latest IT security techniques? How can I organize and monitor the pedagogical progress of my learners? How can I find competent resources or students motivated to learn in this field? How can I organize my own cybersecurity events (CTF, Hackaton) at a lower cost but without cutting back on quality? etc.

For these reasons, Root-Me worked in partnership with Elysium Security to create a platform that allows professionals to freely and simply access the widest and most diversified content in the field of e-learning in cybersecurity.
For performance and ethical reasons, the use of Root-Me in a professional context is not allowed as it is mentioned in the terms of use. Until now, a tolerance towards certain "off-framework" uses was applied when we were notified in advance because no offer allowed schools and companies to fully exploit the resources of Root-Me.

The RMP offer was built to meet the needs and constraints of professionals. The PRO subscription allows them in particular:
1. To use Root-Me content (including premium content) without affecting the performance of the public platform: platforms are thus dedicated to them for the duration of the subscription.
2. To be completely autonomous in the management of their players, teams and courses (set of challenges): a personalized management interface is made available to them during the subscription period. They can create their own players, teams and classes by adapting the contents to the themes (forensic, ethical hacking, devsec, etc.). In addition, they have many statistics allowing them to follow the pedagogical progress of their players.

The subsidization of Premium accounts by companies/schools for their employees/students is a complementary offer to the Pro subscription. However, Premium accounts must be used by beneficiaries for personal use only.
No, by default only the challenges and environments offered on Root-Me (including Premium challenges) are accessible via the Pro subscription. Dedicated platforms (by professional) are deployed in order not to impact the public platform Root-Me.

The Pro subscription also provides access to additional features: player account management, team management, supervision, event creation, etc.

Moreover, companies can subscribe to an option allowing them to access our custom challenge creation service.
The pricing for the Pro Subscription offer depends on the following adjustment variables: number of players, subscription duration, options (educational support, creation of customised challenges, etc.).

The pricing for the Cybersecurity event offer depends on the following adjustment variables: number of players, duration of the event, options.

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